Headed goal from 57 yards out

Graham Chapstick scorer of miraculous 57 yards headed goal
Graham Chapstick scorer of miraculous 57 yards headed goal
Photo credit: The Sun

A headed goal scored by an amateur player in England, Graham Capstick, in April 2007 against Chadderton, is claimed to be the longest distance ever recorded in football for a headed goal.

Capstick, a 19-year-old defender playing for Holker Old Boys from Barrow-in-Furness, scored with his head from his own half of the field, a goal measured at 57 yards (52.1 metres).

The 6ft 3ins defender was inside his own half when he headed a clearance from Chadderton goalkeeper, and was then surprised to see the ball fly straight back in the opposite direction, bounced over the keeper and into the net.

The goal secured a 2-2 draw against Chadderton.

Sports student Capstick, a Manchester United fan, told The Sun: "Everyone remembers David Beckham’s goal from over the halfway line but mine was probably even more amazing because it was headed.

"I hit it perfectly. It just flew over all the other players and then bounced about 16 yards out from the goal-line as their keeper came out.

"Then it just bounced over his head. I don’t think he could believe it - and neither could anyone else.

"Even I was shocked. I certainly wasn’t aiming for goal - I hadn’t scored all season."

A crowd of just 37 saw the miracle goal at the Barrow ground, but too bad no one recorded it on film.

Beckham scored his legendary goal from 57 yards playing for Manchester United against Wimbledon in 1996.

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